Research topics

Algorithmic geometry

Keywords: mesh, tiling, cutting, topological and geometrical constraints, algorithms.

Abstract: algorithmic geometry and topology provide a large number of abstract objects and algorithms to manipulate manifolds (surfaces, volumic objects), to extract information and/or modify it under several constraints.

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Tactile maps

Keywords: generalization, graph simplification, GIS, data rendering

Abstract: tactile maps for blind people are usually handmade, in order to address specific needs. In this work, I'm interested in automatic generation of these maps, using the OpenStreetMap database.

Websites: Compas project, ANR ACTIVmap

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Keywords: semantic, expert knowledge, labelling, segmentation.

Abstract: using semantic to drive data manipulation is an efficient way to integrate expert knowledge into the process. Ontologies are a useful and efficient way to describe semantic.

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Computer graphics

Keywords: charts decomposition, parameterization, tiling.

Abstract: Integrating geometrical and topological constraints in computer graphics field is an interesting way to solve several questions, e.g. obtaining a satisfying cutting of a surface in order to perform in an efficient way a conformal parameterization. I am also interested in adapting the theoretical algorithms in order to offer interactive adjustments to the infographist.

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Medical imaging

Keywords: MRI, segmentation, mesh reconstruction.

Abstract: pre and post-operative images like MRI can be modelized as voxel matrices, and a large number of algorithms from discrete geometry can be applied. Extracting a surface from such a description is also an interesting way to modelize the observed anatomical objects (organs, tissues, etc.) and facilitate the usage of geometrical and topological tools. I mainly worked on this approach, generating surfaces from the voxel description, then modifying the surface by integrating expert knowledge, related with geometry or topology, or extracting information to measure properties.

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Computer vision

Keywords: shape estimation, point clouds.

Abstract: computer vision field is mainly motivated by linear or quasi-linear approaches of image processing, for example for shape estimation from image sequences. But it also need to introduce original point cloud or mesh processing to extract geometric properties.

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Procedural textures

Keywords: multifractal textures, texture generation, mesh processing.

Abstract: procedural textures permit to generate from a few number of parameter an infinite set of textures.

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