Started at the beginning of my PhD, Taglut (Topological And Geometrical Library - a Useful Toolkit) is a software to manipulate meshes, point clouds and other classical data from algorithmic geometry. Several parts are dedicated to the applicative contexts I worked on, e.g. medical imaging.

See dedicated page: Taglut

I worked with Thomas Dietenbeck during one year (2013-2014) on automatic segmentation and annotation driven by expert knowledge. We developed a C++ and java prototype to illustrate our corresponding work, using ontologies to describe the expert knowledge, a reasoner to use it, and CGAL for segmentation processing on meshes.

See dedicated page: ODDS: Object Description Driven by Semantic

I worked with Ahlem Othmani and Fakhri Torkhani one year (2014-2015) on mesh segmentation and labellisation using geometric texture. We developed a C++ prototype to illustrate our corresponding work, using CGAL as core library.

See dedicated page: Geometric texture

Since October 2016, I work with Guillaume Touya on an approach to automatically generate tactile maps for visually impaired people. This topic has been structured as a set of projects in Compas, and is supported by the ANR with the ACTIVmap project.

See dedicated page: tactile maps